What's in a session?

Confidence. Connection. Quality

My headshot sessions all share the following:

  • We'll shoot as many shots as we need to take — usually we shoot a couple of hundred frames.
  • We'll review the images together whilst we're shooting. This helps us to hone the images so that they're perfectly tailored for you. It also helps you see what's working best for you as an actor.
  • We discard any images we don't both like during the session. No image leaves the studio that we're not both happy with.
  • Your images will be available for you to review within 24 hours of the shoot.
  • You'll receive the high-resolution, retouched images within 10 working days of you making your final selections.
  • Final images are supplied in both colour and black & white.
  • You can order more shots at any time from your gallery; it will stay online for at least 12 months from the shoot date.
  • You can only book me if you're over the age of 18 at the time of the shoot.
  • To book a session, you must pay a deposit of £50. If you cancel less than 72 hours before the session, the deposit is not refundable.
  • If you've never had a headshot session before I recommend that you book a minimum of two hours with me. That gives you plenty of time to try out different looks without worrying about the clock.

These are the three key words of my headshot philosophy.

  • CONFIDENCE: Your headshots must project confidence. It's one frame that can be the tipping point to getting that call for an audition on your dream project, and if it can't sell "you need to hire me" then it's not doing its job.
  • CONNECTION: A great headshot portrait is more than just a picture. It creates a connection between the subject and the viewer, and helps the viewer feel like they're there with the subject in the room.
  • QUALITY: I aim to shoot absolutely the best headshots you've ever had. But it's a process we go through together so that between us we can make something amazing.

Why is a great headshot so important?

It's no secret that an amazing headshot opens doors for an actor. It's the first thing that a casting director or an agency sees. If you don't have a great headshot to use as your calling card, no one might ever know you exist — regardless of how great an actor you are.

The most important things about your headshot are:

  • The emotion you're projecting in the picture
  • The mood that the lighting gives to the photograph
    and last but not least
  • That you look like the person in the photograph

Beyond that, the main thing is that you have fun whilst we're making pictures together!

    Packages and Pricing

    45 minute express shoot — One final image


    When to book this package

    You've been doing this for a while and you need a new headshot. Maybe you've changed your look — new hair, or a beard, or no hair at all.

    This is a quick-fire shoot, but still with the same eye for confidence, connection and quality as all of my other packages.

    2 hour shoot — Three final images


    When to book this package

    This is the ideal package for students and people new to acting. You've never had professional headshots before, and you don't know how to best pose for the camera.

    A two-hour shoot gives us plenty of time to find your best angles and to explore a full range of wardrobe looks, emotions and expressions.

    You'll come away from the shoot with a new sense of confidence in your abilities in front of the camera, and three amazing headshots. What could be better?

    Student discounts available

    As this is the perfect package for students, I offer a 10% student discount on two-hour bookings. Just enter the code STUDENT10 when booking to claim your discount.

    You'll need to produce a valid NUS card or University identification at the time of the shoot, otherwise you'll need to pay the full price on the day.

    3 hour shoot — Five final images


    When to book this package

    You need something more from your headshots. Maybe you're doing a complete refresh of your look after a couple of years, or you're trying to explore a new range of characters that you've developed over time and want to be able to present to the casting directors.

    Three hours gives you all the time and the freedom you need to absolutely nail the images you want in our shoot. Not completely happy with that almost-perfect shot? We've time to go back and shoot some more frames to get it exactly how you want it.

    If that weren't enough, with my 3-hour shoots we can shoot not just in the studio, but outdoors, on location*, giving us the opportunity to shoot something completely unique with the help of mother nature.

    You'll come away with five amazing final images, which I guarantee you'll love.

    *Weather and travel distance permitting