Be My Muse

I want 2018 to be the year that I experiment more, push myself out of my comfort zone, do things I've never done before and make the images that are in my head and that I feel I need to make in order to be complete as a photographer.

For that, I need some muses to work with. And I don't want people who identify as models for these pictures — people who are comfortable in front of and who know how to 'work' the camera. I need everyday folk; folk of any and every gender and ethnicity. I have images in my head that are stories within themselves and I want to tell those stories with the help of my muses.

If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, please fill in the form below. I'm particularly looking for muses in Greater Manchester but if you're further afield that's totally fine with me; I still want to hear from you — you never know when I might be travelling to your neck of the woods!

Name *
The times and days on which you're most likely to be available to shoot
Give me a brief description of yourself — physical characteristics, profession, hobbies, musical interests, that sort of thing.
If you're willing to work nude or topless for our shoot, let me know. If not, that's fine.
Some people want to shoot with me but don't want to be easily identifiable to the viewer, for personal or professional reasons. Let me know if that's your preference and I'll work to ensure I stick to it.
Where are you happiest shooting? *
Tell me where you're happy to work for our shoot. I prefer to work on location where possible, but I can be flexible.
Give me a description of your house / flat / apartment so that I can think about how best to work there.
If so, give me a link to your profile
If so, please give me a link to your profile.