The Concept

Working as a photographer means that I get to do a lot of cool things with a lot of cool people. I get to work with models and musicians and actors; I get to make real their visions of how their promotional images should look. Often the shoots are hours long and complex; the team is several-strong. There's locations to book, weather to watch, deadlines to meet, sunsets to catch.

What if we did something different?

What if we took just a small slice of time to make something intimate and experimental? What if, instead of people who have a media image to project, I just worked with you, the person who found my website, who's never done this kind of thing before? Someone who's not a model, not trying to sell themselves or a band or a brand. Someone who's just themselves in front of the camera.

What could we make together?

We have fifteen minutes to make something together at my studio. We'll pick five or six favourite images and then I'll pick the final image to send to you, in high resolution. You can use the image that we make together on social media or on your website. The only thing I ask is that you don't use it for commercial purposes.

All this will cost you just £29.99.

That's a fraction of my normal rate for portrait work, and you'll still get the same service: I shoot as though every shoot has a £30,000 budget.

Use the calendar below to book your appointment with me. The dates in bold are the ones I've set aside for 15-minute portrait sessions.

I can't wait to make something amazing with you.

A Gift With a Difference

Trying to find something for that one person in your life for whom you can never find the right gift? Why not buy them a Fifteen Minute Portrait session?

This works exactly the same way as the regular booking process, except that you buy a gift certificate which the recipient of your gift can then redeem for one Fifteen Minute Portrait session. It makes an excellent present for birthdays, Christmases and other times of celebration.

To buy a Fifteen Minute Portrait Session gift voucher, use the order form below.

A disclaimer: what this isn't

We'll make an interesting image together, but I can't guarantee that you're going to want to use it for professional purposes — say for your business profile page, or as an actor headshot. If you're looking to shoot images for a specific, professional purpose, please contact me using my contact form.

Studio location


Unit 6, Progress Centre
Charlton Place
M12 6HS